Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Not A Polish Post

Hey dolls, I'm back and I'm hoping its for good.. I've been super stressed lately, planning Alex's first birthday, his first Christmas. Oh, my poor wallets are sobbing every night. I took a break from buying polishes and I just felt so unmotivated to paint my nails. I'm not sure what it was, maybe it was because I was so tired, or because my mind is just based on giving Alex the best first Christmas and Birthday he'll ever have. I need more hours in the day and I need Alex to sleep more rather than taking 10 minute cat naps (day and night!) my cat sleeps longer than my son does! haha. But any who, I'll try to have a blog post up.. soon.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

ABC's Of Swatching.

Hello Dolls! Today I have a different post for you, I was admiring my polish racks as usual and suddenly realized that I have LOTS of untrieds and when I say LOTS I mean almost ALL of my polishes are untrieds, insane right!? Well anywho, I decided to go on a no buy ( I'm weeping in the inside ) until I swatched EVERY polish on my racks. I will be going by letters and today is the letter O for OPI. WARNING: This post will be picture heavy. Hope you enjoy, now lets begin!

First up is Pussy Galore from the Bond Girls collection:

I LOVEEEE this polish, before I decided to buy this I despised it, I automatically assumed this wouldn't fit my skin tone up until I saw swatches THEN I fell in-love. It's such an awesome pink ( This started my pink addiction) Shown here is three thin coats.

Next up is Solitaire from the Bond Girls Collection:

Another polish I never imagined buying, white? on me? CRAZY! But it was too beautiful to pass up, I fell in love applying the first coat.. This would be perfect as a wedding mani. I applied two coats but nail line is still visible. Usually I'd hate that but this polished looked too gorgeous even with my nail line showing. My heart skipped a beat everytime I looked at the polish on my nails. 

Next up is Vesper from the Bond Girls Collection:

This polish is.... OKAY, I wasn't too excited for this. Its gorgeous and all but I didn't feel excited until... 

I APPLIED A THICK COAT OF SECHE VITE, LOOK at that! It's GORGEOUS. So god damn beautiful. Its so squishy and jelly like. NOMNOMNOM.. to much ? It's just so gorgeous. This is 2 coats of not so unique Vesper with one thick coat of seche to bump it up a little. 

Next is Stay The Night from the Mariah Carey Collection: 

I received this polish as a birthday gift from one of my good friends, she knows me so well getting me polish as a gift, score! Any who, this polish has been on my wishlist for quite some time and I'm so glad to finally have it! This is 3 coats, at first I hated how it looked when I applied the first coat but the finished look came out amazeballs!

Magazine Cover Mouse from the Couture De Minnie Collection:

This is such a gorgeous color, I would love to have a night out in the City with this pretty thang on my nails. 2 thin coats! 

Suzi Takes The Wheel from the Touring America Collection: 

I am a sucker for odd colors and this baby caught my eye automatically. 2 beautiful coats shown here.

Can't Find My Czechbook from the Euro Centrale Collection:

Let me start by saying off I automatically fell in LOVE with this collection, I am nowhere close to completing the collection and it hurts my heart. LOOK at this, SUCH A GORGEOUS BLUE. When I squashed this lemming I DIED. 2 coats, JUST TWO. 

I Saw... U Saw... We Saw... Warsaw from the Euro Centrale Collection:

Another lemming squashed thanks to my good friend ( I love that woman!) 2 coats, I would've loved it more if it were a one coater. from Euro Centrale Collection:

ANOTHER MAJOR LEMMING, I swear you can do ANYTHING with this polish. Glitter Gradients, Jelly Sammiches! NOMNOM 1 coat over Can't Find My Czechbook LOOK AT ALL THAT GLITTAAH.

Suzi's Hungary Again from the Euro Centrale Collection:

This polish is lighter in person rather than it is on camera, but another item on my wishlist squashed thanks to my friend. (Isn't she awesome?) This is a polish I can wear on my toesies with some nice white slippers or wedges. Although I HATE and I mean HATE feet, I have to polish them once in a while, right? Okay, awkward silence.. on to the next. 3 coats!

Vant To Bite My Neck? from the Euro Centrale Collection:

I believe she bought this for me aswell, I completely forgot (Sorry!) but this is such an awesome fall vampy color, I have the perfect lipstick to match with this! Ooh I can't wait for fall! 1 thick coat would've been perfect but I applied 2. 

Fly from the Nicki Minaj collection:

I love this color waaaay more than I should, everytime I look at this polish it reminds me of 'Ren' from 'Renosaurus' ( GO FOLLOW HER! ) I'm not entirely sure why it reminds me of her.. but it does. 3 coats! 

Save Me from the Nicki Minaj Collection:

Okay so I was a twat and forgot that I had a glitter topper to apply and removed the polish off of one nail. I love this polish but then I hate it. It's so pretty.. but it's not for me. 1 coat over 'Fly' and 3 coats on its own. 

Just Spotted The Lizard from the Amazing Spiderman Collection:

This polish is so unique, I love it so..

I MATTIFIED IT. 3 coat of Just Spotted The Lizard with 1 coat of OPI matte topcoat (favorite matte topcoat so far)

Pamplona Purple from.... not sure:

It's so pretty isn't it? I just grabbed it for the hell of it, and I'm glad I did! 2 coats!

OH and while I was having a swatch fest I snapped a few pictures of my cutie pie. 

 I'm happy now! (excuse his wet shirt he likes eating it)

whew! I just got through my VERY FIRST picture heavy blog post.. This isn't my last either. Until next time! xx

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mentality - Rascal / Back To School Nail Art

Hello lovelies! It's been yet another while since I've posted BUT now I'm back and hopefully for good! So today I have one of my favorite indie and incorporated it into some back to school nail art! Mentality nail polish has gifted me with a free polish to swatch and I couldn't have been anymore grateful for it!

Rascal is a matte black with a touch of shimmaah ( yummy ) I used two thin coats but one thick coat would have been opaque. First thing when I saw this polish.. CHALKBOARD NAIL ART!

I could finally show off doodles with pride! I found this mani so cute and easy to do. I used Sinful Colors - Sweet Tooth and Cotton Candy. Kleancolor - White. Zoya - Pippa. and OPI - Can't Find My Czechbook. Until next time you beautiful nail junkies!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 2 - Stripes

Hello lovelies! It's been far too long, I've been so caught up with things such as planning my sons baptism AND first birthday! Yes, I am losing my mind if you may ask! But now I'm back! I have some simple but amazing nail art today! I will be posting every three days since I'm doing a nail art challenge this month.. August 2nd was Stripes. Which is what I have today! 

For this mani I used striping tape, Finger Paints - Iconic Orange and Color Club - No Name. ( I absolutely hate when Color Clubs have no labels! ) it was super easy and I LOVE the outcome, more than I thought I would have. 

Its such a bright orange it pops through the silver! It makes my heart happy when I decide to put two colors together and they come out amazing! Overall I love this mani and I missed blogging, till next post polish addicts! <3

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Today I have some "Finn" inspired nail art. If you haven't heard, Corey Monteith the actor who plays "Finn" in the show Glee had passed last night, so heart breaking! I love that show so much and it makes my heart dance when I hear the songs they sing. A show never made me cry so hard like how glee did!

Okay, okay.. Back to nail art. For this mani I used Zoya - Chyna. Klean Color - White. Color Club - No Name (but the color is the red) NOPI - Hit The Lights. And Icing - Milky Way. All of my fingers have different inspirations from episodes of him on glee.

First up, my index finger, using Color Club - No Name and Icing - Milky Way, these are the colors of the McKinley high school football team and Cheerios uniform, Although Finns varsity jacket appears to be black, red and an off white. Next, my ring finger using KleanColor - White and Color Club - No Name, this is inspired by season 3 episode 6 when Finn challenged Santana and the trouble tones to a game of dodgeball. The reason I only put 4 "dodge balls" are because these are the only 4 seasons which we will have with Corey on glee. On my pinky I used Zoya - Chyna to show the slushies that were thrown at the " New Directions ". Last but not least, my middle finger, so simple but I have a reason for just laying one star there. I used NOPI because that's part of the color on the glee logo. The reason of the star being there is because in season 3 episode 9 Finn buys a star for Rachel BUT names it after himself so he'll be watching over her. He stated that there's already a star named Rachel Berry and she's "right here on earth".

It's so devastating to know he had a whole life ahead of him filled with nothing more than success. But besides that.. Overall I really liked the outcome of this mani and I hope for the best for Lea Michelle. " She was planning a wedding but now she has to plan a funeral. " R.I.P Corey Monteith 1982-2013. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth Of July Nails!

Hello Lovelies! Sorry I haven't really posted anything, my nails suffered these past three weeks due to trying to shape my nails and failing horribly at it, but I finally got the hang of it and today I have some fourth of July nail art for you! 

For this mani I used KleanColor - White ; Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue ; Color Club - No Name and Sinful Colors - Queen Of Beauty.

I did some stamping and a simple stripe design using striping tape. This nail art is rather simple but the striping tape was a little tricky, this was my first time playing with it so bare with me please! Haha overall I really had fun doing this and I love the outcome of it! I hope everyone is enjoying their fourth of July enjoying fireworks and a nice BBQ. I, however am gonna stay home and do some red, white and blue finger painting with my son! Hope you dolls enjoyed reading this! I'll try to post more posts, I plan on buying a lightbox this week with automatic lighting so I won't have to take swatches only when the sun is out. Hopefully it'll work out! So till next time polish addicts! ♥